Jacquard Lumiere Colors

Jacquard Lumiere is a special pearlescent paint for semi-porous and even non-porous surfaces. This paint will give a shiny finish on flexible materials such as natural or synthetic fabrics, leather, vinyl or rubber, without cracking or chipping. Moreover, it can adequately adhere to surfaces such as ceramics and metals. This makes the Lumier ideal for a permanent pearlescent result. This paint is suitable for application with a paint brush, stamp pads, squirt bottles, or airbrush.

The paint is available in 33 interesting colors in three sizes of plastic jars. All of them can be mixed with each other and contain a high concentration of paint pigments, long-lasting light decay resistance properties, and excellent coverage on even the roughest surfaces. Their high pigmentation provides great coloring results even when used on dark materials.


Medium Tips

  • For airbrushing, water down the paint with 25% water.
  • To heat set the paint, use a dry iron on the reverse side of the fabric.
  • If you’re using a dryer, set it on the highest heat setting and blow on the fabric for about 35 to 45 minutes.
  • If you want to increase the transparency of a color, add some Flowable Extender. The more you add, the more transparent it will get.
  • If you are going after a watercolor effect, add up to 25% of water to the paint. This will also increase its transparency and its flowability.

Product Pros & Cons

Artist Likes

  • The jars can really go a long way before they empty.
  • Great color assortment and capacity to blend them to create effects.
  • Lumiere can be mixed well even with other acrylic products from another manufacturer.
  • Fantastic flow and coverage on all surfaces.
  • Bright colors with a truly metallic shine.
  • Unmatched depth and texture.
  • Easy to clean up.

Artist Dislikes

  • Higher price compared to most acrylics.
  • Not suitable for marbleizing.
  • Some artists report separation of the materials (color base and gold/silver flecks).

There are very few people that report obvious substance separation when the paint dries, but this may be due to poor drying techniques. Most of the artists use the Lumiere colors with great success even in rough surfaces like wood. The brightness of the colors and the coverage of the paint is something that is appreciated by everyone who used them. The higher price of this product is counterbalanced by the fact that it can cover any surface with one passing whereas cheaper paints require the application of multiple layers.

Final Considerations

The Lumiere is maybe the culmination of Jacquard expertise in the development of high-quality acrylic paints. It’s versatile, high pigmented, and shiny. Combined with the Neopaque from the same company, it will cover every need. Choose it if you want to color something that will last long and look really good the whole time. Also, its shiny looks fuel the desire to experiment with techniques and effects, and drive artists to discover new ways to create.