Airbrush Care & Maintenance Tips

In order to deliver the highest quality of work and to get the best performance possible from an airbrush, it is important to know how to take care of and maintain the airbrush and its equipment. By following basic suggestions, the performance as well as the life of the equipment will greatly increase. The steps to take are as follows:

  • Place cutaway handle on the airbrush.
  • Remove the bottle containing the color and replace it with a bottle filled with some type of cleaning solution.
  • Begin to spray until the solution coming through the airbrush appears to be clean and clear and has absolutely no hint of color.
  • Remove the solution bottle and place the bottle filled with the next color to be sprayed. Upon completion of using that color repeat the above cleaning steps. This will need to be done following the use of each different color being used. This helps to ensure that the exact color an airbrush artist desires will be delivered through the airbrush.
  • Airbrushes often become clogged and when this happens, the pressure of the air should be increased and the solution for cleaning should be sprayed through the airbrush for a short amount of time.
  • Always store airbrushes and all equipment in an area that is free of dust.
  • In order to clean the needle of the airbrush, the needle chucking nut must first be loosened and pulled straight out very slowly.
  • Any amount of residue should be cleaned from the needle by softly rotating the needle inside a soft cloth until clean.
  • Insert the cleaned needle back in the airbrush toward the back and easily push it until it is firmly pressed to the nozzle. Damage of the needle is more likely during this phase of maintenance so special care should be observed when placing the cleaned needle back into the airbrush. With any abrupt stopping of the needle, it should be taken back out and examine the needle as well as the trigger and try placing the needle back into position once again.
  • Once the needle is in correct position, the needle chucking nut should be tightened.

Further Tips

There are some other issues that should also be taken into consideration in the care and maintenance of the airbrush equipment. Lubrication of the trigger as well as the needle should be done in order for there to be smoother action of the trigger. Coat the needle with a grease of high quality and gently wipe the grease leaving only a very thin coating on the needle. Never use a light weight oil or any kind of machine oil as this may cause the needle to slightly stick as it moves. Replace the needle into the airbrush and tighten. Never use too much grease as this could force grease into the nozzle and there may be a severe problem with the flow of the airbrush paint. At some point it may be crucial to take the airbrush completely apart and in doing so one should never use a set of pliers in the disassembly or the assembly of the airbrush. All of the parts that make up the airbrush are to be put together and tightened by hand only.