Isabey Isacryl Brushes

Isabey is a renown brush manufacturer based in the UK, who produces one of the finest handmade synthetic brushes for artists. The brushes are available in various sizes and shapes like the round, long flat, filbert, and bright, and they resemble the ease of use of a natural-haired brush but with the durability being even better than any other synthetic one.

A brush isĀ a primary drawing tool that has to offer maximum levels of control and precision to the artists, and Isabey Isacryl were engineered to meet exactly this requirement. They offer an incomparable feeling of comfort and absolute control while their accuracy is nonpareil. This mainly stems from their tight and coherent bristlesĀ placement and the ability to resist splaying on the edges. They are suitable for use by artists who like to work with oil paints and heavy acrylic colors, but they are also good for wet on wet and small/thin lines.


Product Pros & Cons

Artist Likes

  • Can hold plenty of paint
  • Paint lays down smoothly
  • Quite resilient but not stiff
  • Tight ferrules and durable build
  • Long-lasting
  • Soft enough for thin lines

Artist Dislikes

  • Expensive
  • Paint thinners can erode the glue that holds the ferrules
  • Precision is gradually lost overtime

Isabey Isacryl brushes are the best of this kind for many artists out there, and this is attributed to the high quality of the materials used and the precision in their manufacturing. They are stiff enough for heavy oil paints, and in the same time soft enough for lighter paints, so this product is quite versatile and suitable for a wide range of utilization possibilities. Some artists that use a lot of paint thinner have found that it negatively affects the consistency of the ferrules glue, which leads to the ferrule popping out of place. Moreover, they are very expensive and they require replacement if the same precision levels need to be retained. Other than that, they can last so long that comparing the price to buying cheaper brushes will make them worth the purchase in the long run.

Final Considerations

The fact that these brushes are handmade makes them a true precision tool of creation and minimizes the chance of a customer receiving a defective product. Their durability alone justifies the high price which is generally reflecting in every part of the brush. This product can fundamentally change the quality of an artist’s creation as it allows the seamless application of techniques that may not be possible with other brushes. The control and precision offered by Isabey Isacryl are simply unmatched.