Copic Ciao Markers

Copic Ciao Markers are the entry level product of the Japanese company that manufactures the iconic Copic Markers since 1987. Featuring the same high quality characteristics, durability, and refilling capacity, the Ciao are ideal for younger artists who want to explore the world of marker art. They are safe as they use alcohol-based inks containing no toxic substances (conforms to ASTM D-4236), they boast vibrant colors of superior consistency, they are refillable and their nibs are replaceable.

Following the same approach as the other Copic marker types, the Ciao offer two nibs on both sides for better versatility. The medium-broad nib allows the artist to fill larger areas like backgrounds with color, while the super brush nib can achieve variable-width strokes depending on the applied pressure. The barrel is a little bit narrower than the classic Copic marker, making it easier to grip and thus more comfortable to use by younger artists. Moreover, the caps are both child-safe, as they feature small air holes to prevent choking in case of swallowing.

Copic Ciao Markers are available in 180 colors including a colorless blender, and there are multiple sets of carefully selected matching colors starting from 4-piece doodles, 6-piece and 9-piece sets, to rich collections of complementing colors that go from 12 pieces to 36, and up to 72 pieces.

copic ciao


Product Pros & Cons

Artist Likes

  • Supreme quality at a good price
  • Refillable ink tank and replaceable nibs
  • Vibrant colors with great laying consistency
  • Good blending ability
  • High quality packaging
  • Comparable performance to the professional Sketch line

Artist Dislikes

  • Barrel a bit small for adults
  • Round barrel makes the marker prone to roll over the table
  • Some find the color range limited
  • Pricey to acquire
  • Thin lines are too transparent
  • Not perfect for use with glossy paper

The Ciao markers generate an overwhelmingly positive feedback in general, and the vast majority of artists love them for their quality, durability, ease to blend colors, and drawing versatility. What few complaints are submitted have to do with specialized use where they may not be the best choice out there. For example, drawing very thin lines may not give enough opacity, and using them on glossy paper may result in color bleeding. Finally, and even if they are the cheapest Copic marker available, the Ciao are generally considered quite expensive, but considering their ability to get their ink tank refilled and their nibs replaced, they are certainly worth the price.

Final Considerations

Copic Ciao Markers are geared towards children, but their high quality and low price for a Copic are the reasons why they often end up in the hands of an adult artist as well. That said, and since they can last forever if taken care of, they are a premium choice to buy for a young artist and completely safe too. For the older artists who use markers as their primary creative medium, the Ciao markers are a great choice as an alternative to the top-class Sketch markers from the same company. If you can find the color you’re looking for in the Ciao line, and if you’re ok with the round barrel and smaller barrel, then go for the cheaper Ciao.