1-Shot Lettering Enamels

1-Shot Lettering Enamels is an oil-based color product designed for traditional sign painting. It offers superior vibrancy, fade resistance and durability, as needed in demanding outdoor applications. It is spread easily and evenly on smooth surfaces like glass, wood, metals, and vinyls, while its meticulously researched and developed flow characteristics prevent the creation of annoying brush marks, allowing for sharp and crisp painting. The manufacturer claims that even one thin layer of coverage is enough for any application, even in the case that the paint is underlied by another bold color. 1-Shop Enamels come in 46 vibrant colors that are carefully selected in order to cover the needs of sign painters, graphic artists, and vehicle painters. They can be mixed, hardened, enhanced, diluted, and also used in combination with flattening pastes.


Product Pros & Cons

Artist Likes

  • Pro-grade finishing
  • Vibrant and glossy colors
  • No brush marks
  • Excellent coverage
  • Extremely durable
  • No varnishing needed
  • Good spray-ability
  • Fast dry time (8 hours)

Artist Dislikes

  • Some colors require more caution
  • Old formula offered better coverage

The convenience of using this product stems from the fact that it needs no effort to prevent color running and brush marks, while it needs no additional varnishing thanks to its high gloss film and no multiple coating as it boasts great coverage. Apart from that, they are good when used for spray painting, and they dry relatively quickly. Some users report that whites and yellows are more problematic as they can be too opaque, requiring three or more coatings for a good result. Moreover, if painted when wet, whites and silver can bleed into other colors. The silver is also reported to be impossible to mix, and keep mixed for more than a minute. Another color that seems to stand out negatively is red which is supposed to fade within two years of time. Users who own both old and new 1-Shot colors report that the old formula works seamless while the new one has lower coverage performance.

Final Considerations

1-Shot Lettering Enamels are top quality and they won’t disappoint. However, you should be careful with some of their colors, as it is obvious from the reports that not all of them are made equally good. Their price is on the higher range, but their quality is very high too, so you get what you pay for. If you’re using acrylic paints for sign painting, this product will literally amaze you with the intensity and glossiness of its colors.