Pebeo Vitrea 160 Glass Paint

Pebeo Vitrea 160 is paint that is specifically formulated for use on glass, crystal, and “pyrex”. It comes in 35 brilliant colors in transparent, shimmering or frosted finishes, covering every decorative need. It can be applied either by using the brush and the bottle, or with the Vitrea 160 markers and outliners. The number “160” implies the oven temperature that the color needs to be baked at for at least 40 minutes in order to make it permanent.

The color is so durable that it can withstand multiple washes in a dishwasher. Although the color is non-toxic and water-based, it is not recommended for use on surfaces that will come in contact with foods, as various substances found in foods may dissolve the color. The Vitrea 160 is mixable, can be thinned, and can be mixed with an iridescent medium to produce unique coloring effects when light is reflected on it.

vitrea 160

Product Pros & Cons

Artist Likes

  • Great mixing, blending, and layering
  • Dishwasher safe and extremely durable
  • Clear colors with wonderful consistency
  • Easy to lay with a natural brush
  • Dries quite quickly

Artist Dislikes

  • Variable color strength
  • Comes out dull on ceramics
  • Paint on palette solidifies quickly
  • Not possible to derive with all color shades by mixing

Most artists find this product to be uniquely durable among the many choices available in the market today. This is especially important as glassware is often used and not only displayed. The durability is best reflected by the “dishwasher safe” certification. The mixability of Vitrea 160 is another one of its strengths, although some hues may not be achievable. The mixing needs some practice as the pigment strength varies greatly from color to color.  In general, it lays well on glass and its very easy to use with a natural brush. Some report that Vitrea 160 doesn’t work very well on ceramics but this is not a recommended surface anyway. Finally, the colors dry fast allowing to reapply layers on top of the previous ones, but this quick drying time needs care when using a palette.

Final Considerations

The Pabeo Vitrea 160 is ideal for painting glasses of all kinds, but it is a very specialized paint that can’t serve well on any other surface. It is maybe the most durable glass paint, able to resist dishwasher chipping. Finally, it is easy to mix and lay without brush marks, and considering that a glass is a non-porous surface this is a unique achievement that you won’t find on similar products.

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