Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils

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Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils are a top-quality alternative to standard pastels for those who don’t like to get their hands dirty, offering oil-free pastel leads encased in wood. They can also be used to complement pastel crayons and fill in when in need to draw these finer details that can’t be done with the thicker mediums. The contain a high concentration of color pigments, and they are suitable for both drawing lines and for dense shading. If you’re looking for superior color blending and a smooth transition between pastel colors, this product won’t disappoint.

The Pitt Pastel Pencils are generally easy to wipe allowing the seamless merging of neighboring colors, but they need to be fixed when the drawing is finished. Available in 60 light-independent colors, the hue range of this product series is particularly focused on muted shades and earth tones that are widely used by pastel artists. The pencils come in sets of 3, 12, 24, 36, and 60, and the case is a high quality metal tin.

faber-castell pitt pastel pencil

Product Pros & Cons

Artist Likes

  • Wax and oil-free
  • High pigment concentration levels
  • Can be sharpened to a fine point for very detailed work
  • Great color selection
  • Fair price for the quality
  • True and deep colors
  • Can be erased without damaging the paper
  • Tip won’t break easily

Artist Dislikes

  • Need to be used at a certain angle
  • Pastel center is a bit thin
  • No color indication printed on the pencil

The Faber-Castel Pitt Pastel Pencils generate enthusiasm among pastel artists who want to elaborate on these finer details that can’t be done with a crayon. They offer a good color selection, a good tip durability even when thinned down, a high pigment concentration, and a great coloring result. Some users however report their disappointment with the blending capacity of this product, as well as the use limitations and encumbrances that derive from the absence of the color indicator on the pencil and the thin lead center. These are isolated reports that may be attributed to defective products.

Final Considerations

The color range of this product makes it ideal for drawing wildlife, landscape, and portraits. The 60 colors are certainly not for everything, so artists should be aware and careful on their choice. They are generally used as a pastel complementary, so it’s good that they are also sold individually, but since they can stand as a medium on their own the sets can come in handy.

Faber-Castel FC112160 Pitt Pastel Pencils in A Metal Tin (60 Pack)

Pencils contain a high level of pigment. Wax and oil free. Perfectly suited for fine details in pastels.

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Faber-Castel FC112112 Pitt Pastel Pencils in A Metal Tin (12 Pack)

Faber Castell-PITT Pastel Pencils In A Metal Tin. Pitt pastel pencils contain a high level of pigment but are wax and oil free and are perfectly suited for fine details in pastels.

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