Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Art Markers

The Premier double-ended Art Markers from Prismacolor offer the flexibility to create both bold lines and fine details using the same tool. Featuring two tips of different width on each side, these markers allow the seamless design of mainly fashion items or concept art, illustrations, and fantasy portraits. This marker uses one ink reservoir to feed both tips, so the coloring remains consistent. This basically means that the double-ended art markers from Prismacolor can also be used for technical drawings where depiction coherence is crucial.

The markers can be sold individually, or as sets of 6, 24, 48, 72, 156, and 200. There are also 12-marker sets of various gray palettes (cool, warm, french, neutral), a 24-marker portrait set comprising of skin/flesh colors, and a 12-marker set of primary/secondary colors.

Prismacolor Art Marker Tips

Medium Tips & Techniques

Prismacolor suggests that users of this product should draw all lines in one direction for optimal results, avoiding unwanted darkening spots in the lines. User experience however has shown that even when lines are drawn in a random way/direction, the result is still great thanks to the perfect ink flow that this marker boasts. The resulting lines are smooth, and the level of comfort when using these markers is quite high.

Product Pros & Cons

Artist Likes

  • Versatile range or mark making
  • Precise ink flow
  • Durable, sturdy, long lasting
  • Comfortable grip

Artist Dislikes

  • Hard to open tops after periods of not using
  • Shading effects could be better

The only complaints come from those who have been loyally using these markers for the past decade, focusing on the material quality deduction of the caps (metal became plastic), and the unusually stiff tops which makes the markers quite hard to open when new. Users of higher grade markers also point out that the shading effect when blending different colors isn’t the best. Still though, this product is of high quality in every aspect and it is marketed at an average price.

Final Considerations

Whatever use case scenario involves the possibility for the utilization of a marker, it is a great opportunity to use these amazing Prismacolor Premier double-ended Art Markers. In general, these markers are considered to be the best performing markers in their price category, and as such, you can never go wrong when choosing them. Look elsewhere only if you’re a professional who wants the absolute best quality no matter the cost.

Prismacolor 97 Premier Double-Ended Art Markers, Fine and Chisel Tip

These double-ended art markers offer a chisel tip at one end and a fine tip at the other. 

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