Gamblin Artist Oils

Gamblin Artist Oils

Premium range of professional oil paints, renowned for their exceptional quality and consistency

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Gamblin Artist Oils: Unleash Your True Colors

Experience the vibrancy and richness of Gamblin Artist Oils, where each hue brings your artistic vision to life with unmatched clarity and depth.

Transform Your Canvas with Gamblin's Professional Oil Paints

Discover the exceptional blendability and intensity of Gamblin Artist Oils – the perfect choice for artists who demand the very best in color and texture.

Elevate Your Art with Gamblin's Eco-Friendly Oil Paints

Embrace the fusion of quality and sustainability with Gamblin Artist Oils, offering a safer, environmentally responsible way to create stunning oil paintings.

artist using Gamblin Artist Oils
artist using Gamblin Artist Oils 2

Gamblin Artist Oils: The Epitome of Quality and Sustainability in Oil Painting

In the realm of oil painting, the choice of paint plays a pivotal role in the realization of an artist's vision. Gamblin Artist Oils have emerged as a beacon of quality, offering artists not just exceptional paint but also an environmentally responsible choice. In this blog post, we explore the world of Gamblin Artist Oils, understanding what sets them apart and why they are revered by artists worldwide.

The Gamblin Difference:

Gamblin Artist Oils are known for their extraordinary quality. The range offers a spectrum of vibrant, intensely pigmented colors that bring paintings to life. What sets Gamblin paints apart is their commitment to artists' health and environmental sustainability. These oil paints are formulated to be safer and less toxic without compromising on quality, making them a preferred choice for artists who are conscious of their health and the environment.

Unparalleled Color Intensity and Texture:

At the heart of Gamblin Artist Oils' appeal is their unmatched color intensity and buttery texture. These paints are blended with the finest pigments and oils, ensuring that they provide a depth of color and ease of blending that artists desire. Whether working on detailed brushwork or broad strokes, Gamblin Artist Oils offer the consistency and handling properties that enable artists to express themselves freely.

A Spectrum of Colors for Every Artist:

Gamblin's palette includes a wide range of colors, from historically accurate hues to modern, high-intensity shades. Each color is carefully formulated to ensure stability and lightfastness, meaning artworks will maintain their vibrancy for years to come. This diversity in palette not only provides artists with a broad range of options but also encourages experimentation and exploration in their work.

Environmental Responsibility:

In an industry often criticized for its environmental impact, Gamblin Artist Oils stand out for their eco-friendly approach. The company prides itself on producing oil paints that are safer for both the artist and the environment. This is achieved through the use of alternative solvents and sustainable practices in the manufacturing process, making Gamblin paints a responsible choice for the environmentally conscious artist.

The Choice of Professionals and Hobbyists Alike:

Gamblin Artist Oils are favored by professional artists for their quality and reliability. However, their ease of use also makes them a great choice for hobbyists and students. The paints' versatility allows for a range of techniques, from impasto to glazing, catering to various artistic styles and preferences.

Gamblin Artist Oils Pros & Cons

Artist Likes

  • Superb chroma, vibrancy, and “buttery” texture
  • Accurate and true colors
  • Safe to work with indoors and without ventilation
  • Very good price for a handmade paint
  • Unique hues that can’t be found anywhere else
  • Great fluidity and fast drying times
  • Consistent oil content and well-blended pigment
  • Good mixing properties

Artist Dislikes

  • Some hues will need the addition of a thinner because they are too sticky
  • Some tubes are a bit stiffer than they should be
  • Some coloring sets are not very wisely made out
artist using Gamblin Artist Oils 4

Most artists who have tried Gamblin Oil Colors confirm that they are well above an average oil paint. The pigment load, consistency, vibrancy, and creamy texture of these paints make them a pleasure to work with. A few artists however, report excessive stiffness in certain tubes, others report bad consistency, some find the use of a thinning agent mandatory, and a few complain about the unfortunate selection of colors in the landscaping set. However, all of these reports come from a very small portion of the Gamblin’s customer base, and they can be easily attributed to bad storage, poor transportation care, and production mistakes.

Gamblin Artist Oils Feature Comparison Table

While Gamblin Artist Oils are highly regarded in the world of oil painting, there are several noteworthy alternatives for artists to consider.

Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Colors, for example, are a popular choice, offering a wide range of colors and known for their consistency and reliability. Another excellent alternative is Rembrandt Artists' Oil Paints, which boast high pigment concentration and a creamy texture, ideal for artists seeking depth and intensity in their work.

For those looking for an eco-friendlier option, M. Graham Artists' Oil Paints are made with walnut oil, providing a unique balance of vibrancy and environmental consciousness. Each of these brands offers distinct qualities in terms of color richness, texture, and blending capabilities, catering to diverse artistic styles and preferences outside of what Gamblin Artist Oils provide.

Key Features
Color Range
Gamblin Artist Oils

High color intensity, environmentally friendly




Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Colors

Consistent, reliable, good for professionals




Rembrandt Artists' Oil Paints

High pigment concentration, creamy texture




M. Graham Artists' Oil Paints

Made with walnut oil, vibrant colors




Final Considerations

Gamblin Oil Colors are considered the best of their kind in this price range. That said, they are a great choice for anyone who wants to explore oil mediums, whether they are professionals or students. The low toxicity of all of Gamblin’s colors makes them completely safe to use in any environment while their consistency and “filling” texture will give a new dimension to the process of creation. The aliveness of the colors that is mainly due to the high pigment load is the primary element of surprise for anyone who uses them for the first time, and the best reason to use them when creating something that is intended to last. Some of Gamblin’s hues can only be found in their color range, and that gives them another point of uniqueness.