Canson Mi-Teintes

Canson Mi-Teintes

Distinguished line of colored paper, highly regarded in the art world for its unique qualities and versatility

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The Artist's Choice for Vibrancy and Versatility

Discover the unmatched texture and color range of Canson Mi-Teintes, perfect for pastels, charcoal, and a spectrum of artistic expressions.

Elevate Your Artistic Vision with Canson Mi-Teintes Paper

Step into a world where color and quality meet. Canson Mi-Teintes offers the perfect canvas for your creative pursuits, from detailed sketches to bold pastel work.

Unleash Creativity with Rich Palette and Texture

Experience the unique dual-surface and acid-free composition of Canson Mi-Teintes, a paper that transforms artistic visions into vivid, lasting works of art.

artist using Canson Mi-Teintes
artist using Canson Mi-Teintes 2

Celebrating the Artistic Excellence of Canson Mi-Teintes

In the vibrant world of art, the choice of paper is as crucial as the choice of color or medium. Among the myriad of options, Canson Mi-Teintes stands out as a beacon of quality and versatility. This blog post aims to delve deeper into the world of Canson Mi-Teintes, exploring why it's revered by artists globally and how it has become a synonym for artistic excellence.

The Legacy of Canson Mi-Teintes:

Canson Mi-Teintes is not just another art paper; it is a legacy. With a history that spans centuries, it has been the choice of paper for artists who have shaped the art world. This storied past is not only a testament to its enduring quality but also to its ability to adapt and remain relevant in the ever-changing landscape of art.

Unmatched Quality and Durability:

The first thing that strikes you about Canson Mi-Teintes is its quality. The paper is heavyweight and robust, capable of withstanding vigorous techniques without tearing. It’s acid-free, ensuring that artworks maintain their vibrancy and integrity over time. This durability makes it an ideal choice for both professional artists and students who need reliable material for their explorations and exhibitions.

A Symphony of Texture and Color:

Texture is a critical element in the choice of paper, and Canson Mi-Teintes excels in this area. It offers a dual surface - a textured, honeycombed side and a smooth side, giving artists the freedom to experiment and find the perfect ground for their medium.

When it comes to color, Canson Mi-Teintes is unparalleled. It boasts a palette of more than 50 colors, ranging from subtle pastels to deep, rich tones. This extensive range allows artists to experiment with mood and tone, making each piece a unique exploration of color.

Versatility Across Mediums:

Canson Mi-Teintes is celebrated for its versatility. While it is a favorite among pastel and charcoal artists for its texture, which holds pigment well, it is also suitable for a wide range of other mediums. Artists regularly use it for pencil, crayon, and even light washes of watercolor, making it a versatile choice for mixed media work.

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility:

In today’s world, where sustainability is key, Canson Mi-Teintes leads by example. Made with environmentally responsible methods and materials, it aligns with the eco-conscious ethos of many modern artists. Choosing Canson Mi-Teintes means not only choosing quality but also supporting sustainable practices in art supplies.

Canson Mi-Teintes Pros & Cons

Artist Likes

  • Wide product variety and color range
  • High levels of durability
  • Unique surface options
  • Versatile paper that is suitable for many different uses
  • Thick and sturdy enough for erasing / re-working
  • Good color blending performance
  • Reasonably priced

Artist Dislikes

  • You’ll have to sand the paper yourself if you need extra smoothness
  • Some find that the underlying color fades after some time

Most artists find the versatility of this colored paper to be unique in the market. The surface options and its general durability makes it ideal for use in education, but it is also well-suited for use by professionals nonetheless. The color blending capacity, and the ability to re-work a certain point without the danger of tearing is characteristic for this paper. The only complaints come from users who need extra smoothed paper tooth, so they need to sand the paper. Moreover, some report gradual fading of the paper’s color after a period of time.

Canson Mi-Teintes Feature Comparison Table

While Canson Mi-Teintes is a popular choice for artists seeking high-quality colored paper, there are several noteworthy alternatives in the market. For instance, Strathmore 400 Series Pastel Paper offers a comparable texture and quality, making it suitable for pastel and charcoal artists.

Fabriano Tiziano Pastel Paper is another excellent alternative, known for its wide range of colors and slightly softer texture, providing a different experience for artists used to Canson Mi-Teintes. Arches Watercolor Paper, while primarily designed for watercolors, has a durable surface that can also accommodate pastel work, offering versatility. Each of these alternatives provides unique qualities, from texture to color range, offering artists various options to explore beyond Canson Mi-Teintes.

Key Features
Color Range
Suitability for Mediums
Canson Mi-Teintes

Heavyweight, acid-free, high-quality



Pastels, Charcoal, Pencil

Strathmore 400 Series Pastel Paper

Durable, ideal for layering

Medium texture


Pastels, Charcoal, Mixed Media

Fabriano Tiziano Pastel Paper

Soft texture, high cotton content

Soft textured


Pastels, Charcoal, Pencil

Arches Watercolor Paper

100% cotton, durable

Rough texture

Limited (mostly natural tones)

Watercolor, Gouache, Ink

Final Considerations

In general, Canson Mi-Teintes is considered to be the best colored paper in the world. That is the result of high quality engineering in production, expertise, and decades of development. Considering the reasonable price of these papers, there’s nothing to hold an artist from buying this product. The only reason not to is if you’re looking for an extra-smooth surface that holds little color at each passing. Besides that, it’s perfect for schools and art education institutes, charcoal, and pencil artists.