Ampersand Gessobord

Ampersand Gessobord

High-quality, pre-primed art surface renowned among artists for its consistency and durability

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Perfect Canvas for Every Masterpiece

Experience the unmatched quality of Ampersand Gessobord, where each stroke is preserved on a premium, pre-primed surface, ideal for oil and acrylic painters.

Elevate Your Art with Ampersand's Superior Surface

Discover the difference with Ampersand Gessobord – a canvas designed for precision, longevity, and the finest texture, ensuring your art stands the test of time.

Transform Your Creative Vision with Ampersand Gessobord

Ampersand Gessobord, where art meets innovation – a warp-resistant, finely textured board that promises to bring your artistic concepts to life with vibrancy and detail.

Ampersand Gessobord: Redefining the Artistic Canvas

In the quest for the perfect painting surface, artists often find themselves at a crossroads. It's a choice that can fundamentally influence the outcome of their work. Enter Ampersand Gessobord, a product that has revolutionized the concept of a painting canvas. This blog post delves into the world of Ampersand Gessobord, exploring its unique features, benefits, and why it has become a favorite among artists.

The Ampersand Gessobord Advantage:

Ampersand Gessobord stands out in the crowded market of art canvases and panels. It is a pre-primed, ready-to-use surface, specifically engineered to meet the demands of modern artists. The board is coated with a high-quality, finely textured gesso, creating a surface that is both absorbent and smooth. This texture is perfect for oil and acrylic paints, allowing for detailed brushwork, vibrant color laydown, and optimal paint adhesion.

Quality and Durability:

One of the key factors that set Ampersand Gessobord apart is its archival quality. The board is designed to be durable and resistant to cracking and warping, a common issue with traditional canvases. This makes it a reliable choice for artists who are looking for a long-lasting surface that will preserve their artwork for generations.

A Canvas for Every Technique:

Ampersand Gessobord is incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of painting techniques. Its smooth finish is ideal for fine detail work, glazing, and layering, while its absorbent nature makes it suitable for heavier, textured applications. Additionally, the surface can be sanded or modified according to the artist's preference, adding to its versatility.

Eco-Friendly and Safe:

In today's environmentally conscious world, Ampersand takes pride in producing eco-friendly products. Gessobord is made with sustainable practices, ensuring that it is not only safe for artists but also for the environment. This commitment to sustainability is a key reason many artists choose Ampersand Gessobord over other options.

The Creative Potential of Ampersand Gessobord:

Artists who use Ampersand Gessobord often praise its ability to enhance their creative process. The surface allows for an unparalleled level of control and precision, enabling artists to execute their vision with clarity and depth. Whether it’s a detailed portrait, an abstract piece, or a landscape, Gessobord provides a dependable foundation for creativity.

The Professional's Choice:

Many professional artists have turned to Ampersand Gessobord for its consistent quality. Its predictability in terms of texture and performance under various painting conditions makes it a go-to choice for artists who demand the best from their materials.

Ampersand Gessobord Pros & Cons

Artist Likes

  • Smooth and durable surface that allows details to be highlighted
  • Comes already gessoed
  • Good oil paint gliding
  • Subtly toothed surface to hold just enough color

Artist Dislikes

  • Thick acrylic paint dries too fast, leaving no time to blend colors
  • Lousy packaging may result in damaged corners
  • Some find the canvas texture not realistic

artist using Ampersand Gessobord 4

The main reasons that make this product a choice for many artists out there concern convenience and fitness. These boards are ready to be used right away without the need for any kind of preparation, and this works for the vast majority of artists that work with oil and acrylic paints. However, depending on the viscosity of the used paint, some may find the board not suitable as it won’t hold enough paint, or it will hold too much and dry it too fast. One more complaint focuses on the packaging that seems to be somewhat perfunctory, often leaving the corners of the board to get damaged during shipping.

Ampersand Gessobord Feature Comparison Table

While Ampersand Gessobord is a popular choice for many artists, there are several noteworthy alternatives available that cater to different artistic needs and preferences.

For instance, Blick Premier Wood Panels offer a similar smooth, sturdy surface for painting, and are appreciated for their fine craftsmanship and durability. Another option is the Artefex ACM Panel, which provides a rigid and archival-quality surface, favored for its adaptability to various painting mediums.

For those who prefer a canvas texture, the Fredrix Pro Series Archival Canvas Board is a great alternative, combining the feel of traditional canvas with the stability of a board. Each of these alternatives offers unique qualities, such as texture, absorbency, and longevity, providing artists with a range of options to explore beyond Ampersand Gessobord.

Key Features
Surface Type
Suitability for Mediums
Ampersand Gessobord

Finely textured gesso, archival quality



Oils, Acrylics

Blick Premier Wood Panels

Smooth, sanded surface, solid wood



Oils, Acrylics, Mixed Media

Artefex ACM Panel

Aluminum composite material, rigid


Very High

Oils, Acrylics, Tempera

Fredrix Pro Series Archival Canvas Board

Canvas mounted on board, acid-free



Oils, Acrylics, Alkyds

Final Considerations

As is the case with every artist equipment and product, the Gessobord can’t cover every possible different need in the world. However, it succeeds in being an all-around solution for most artists who want to work on a high-quality board that resembles a canvas surface and texture. Using renewable wood materials and state of the art technologies, the Gessobord thrives in being a durable board that will keep your color tones unaffected for many years to come.